Pinky after eating Coco & Joe BARF for 1.5 years. Her skin condition has improved tremendously & her fur has grown back fully. I am very happy with her improvement and will definitely continue to feed her Coco & Joe BARF. Thank you for such a great product.

Ong Shi Wei

Taylor had fungus skin allergy problems. After trying Coco & Joe BARF for a month, her skin and coat improved dramatically.
Her new fur is shinier and she is more active and playful. We are so glad that our BARF diet is helping Taylor get better.

Peter Eu

Jennifer’s poodle, Dai Bao had serious skin problems. She decided to try Coco & Joe BARF on Dai Bao.After switching to Coco & Joe BARF for 2 months, Dai Bao skin problems is now completely resolved.


Erica consulted us on her dog issue in November 2019 and started feeding Coco & Joe BARF in December. Her dog has some problem growing hair after being shaved. The only part that has got some hair is the small patch on the back and head (in the 1st pic).

After a few weeks on Coco & Joe, the hair started to grow back. At week 14, the hair has completely grown back.
Thank you, Erica, for sharing this testimonial to us.


Kobe had black skin disease. He was losing fur on the body and the skin turned dark. Many parts of the body slowly become bald.

His owner, HY Lim, decided to switch his food to Coco & Joe BARF in May this year. Kobe fur started growing part by part and his black skin disease is completely gone after 5 months on our food. The darkening skin on the body has also become normal and healthy. Kobe has a beautiful coat and healthy skin now.

HY Lim

Nana’s dog had fungus and sensitive stomach issue and she had visited the clinic quite a few times but the issue remained unresolved. Nana consulted us in Nov 2019 and she switched her dog to our food. After a few months of BARF diet, Her dog’s issues with fungus and sensitive stomach resolved.


Tyson was facing some chronic skin issues and is allergic to many ingredients. Her owner, Stephanie tried many types of dog foods, but problems remained unsolved. Thus, she decided to do an allergic test and forwarded the report to us.

Our raw dog food nutritionist customized a special BARF recipe according Tyson allergy test report. After few months on Coco & Joe customized BARF recipe, Tyson skin problem is completely cued. Now, he has a very beautiful and healthy skin and coat.


Phoebe’s dog had a very serious and uncontrollable case of mange. By changing to Coco & Joe BARF diet, the skin condition had improved tremendously and the Mange issue was resolved. Even her veterinarian was surprised by the fast & complete recovery.

Phoebe Loo

My Pomeranian skin problems improved after starting on Coco & Joe BARF. At the time of adoption, the owner said that he had food allergic. But after seeing the veterinarian, I realized that it is not a normal skin disease but a mange problem. I asked Coco & Joe if I can give BARF diet to him and they encourage me to try. After few months of feeding Coco & Joe BARF, things changed for the better.

Today’s Qiu Qiu has very thick and beautiful fur. Mange problem also resolved.

Yuen Wei

Our customer, Shereen, shared his dog before and after photos to us recently. You can see the comparison photos of the body part by part. We are really surprised with the improvement!

Shareen Ding

Reindeer had a serious hair loss problem. Part of her body was bald and was unable to grow hair. Her owners had tried everything but to no avail. They decided to try Coco & Joe BARF on reindeer. After a period of trying, Reindeer skin issues improved and her hair started to grow back on the bald area. Now, reindeer carries a full, beautiful and luxurious coat. Thank you Jane, reindeer’s owner, for sharing her before and after photos.


Late last year, Kobe developed itchy red spots on it’s skin, with causes unknown. Constant scratching had caused skin inflammation. Through a friend’s recommendation, I decided to switch Kobe’s diet to Coco & Joe BARF. Before long, Kobe’s skin started to recover and the spots were gone for good. Kobe simply love the taste of Coco & Joe BARF!


Bobi had severe chronic skin problem. His owner had tried many types of food, shampoos and medication but the skin problems still remained and cannot be resolved.

Bobi started on full Coco & Joe BARF a few months ago. And now his skin problem is completely gone.

Cissy Teng

My 10 year old Shih Tzu, Yaya, was diagnosed with alleviated kidney index last year. After feeding Yaya solely with Coco & Joe BARF for just 2 months, Yaya’s kidney index reverted to normal and his chronic skin issues were also resolved. Yaya is now growing thicker & healthier coat and his daily eye discharge has since reduced. Yaya is looking so fine & young now.

Pipermilk Ang

Mayvis ’s cats grew healthier, thicker, and beautiful hair after switching to Coco & Joe BARF.


Since young, Lucky has been plagued with sensitive skin conditions and often covered with bite wounds, due to itching skin. His coat was shaven short in order to ease application of required medicine. After keeping Lucky on Coco & Joe BARF diet, Lucky now possesses long, luster and thick coat, good for styling! Same applies to Coco, our adopted stray with skin issues. My furkids’ prolonged skin issues are now resolved.


My senior dog Dundee was shedding profusely, to the extent of leaving his neck and back completely bald. Whereas my little puppy, Yam, was suffering from sensitive stomach issues and frequent diarrhoea. Many friends recommended Coco & Joe BARF, but I was skeptical and resistant to raw diet initially. However, after much understanding and witnessing many positive results shown, I decided to give it a try. My furkids’ skin, health and appetite started improving and stool volume was greatly reduced with less odour as well. Their breaths smell better too! Both of them enjoy the great taste of Coco & Joe BARF!


My boy’s name is Thambi Boy and he is 1 year 5 months old now and a healthy kidoo. When he came to us, he just weighed 600 g only. Since then we fed him various brands of dry foods and wet foods. Poor boy got skin disease and itchiness because of the many brands he has eaten. Went to his vet many times and even he couldn’t solve it. I was so stressed and upset to see him like that. The situation got worse so I had to shave my boy. That was the worst day in my life. After a few weeks, I got to know Coco and Joe Barf via facebook. Saw their photos and videos. I liked their concept of raw food. Wanted to try it for Thambi Boy. When we went to pet expo in One Utama last year, I went to Coco and Joe Barf’s booth, I won 600 g of the sample in lucky draw. We gave him some of that. He loved it. He was excited. So, we stopped his other brands of food and started to give Coco and Joe Barf. I will buy 4 proteins which are lamb, fish, duck and turkey. Duck is his favourite till now. I started to see the differences. First of all, his skin was getting better without any lumps or wounds. Then, his fur was getting longer. Finally, our expenses to go to vet has reduced. Some more, the Coco and Joe barf’s people are so good and whenever, I ask questions they will answer immediately. Good service, good quality.

Sri Vani

Jimjim had suffered hereditary skin problems and despite trying all kinds of diet & supplements, Jimjim started losing weight. It was only after a friend recommended Coco & Joe BARF’s hypoallergenic duck recipe to us, Jimjim’s condition started to improve and even gained good weight.

Suet Min

Fussy Teddy had sensitive skin and even deteriorated after a serious illness 4 years ago. I had tried all ways and means to treat him but to no avail until Coco & Joe BARF was introduced to me at Pet World. Initially clueless and skeptical, I decided to place my last bet. After switching to Coco & Joe BARF, Teddy’s skin condition, appetite and overall health has improved greatly and his diet has gained approval from his vet. Thank you Coco & Joe BARF! You have our support!

Yvaine Wong

That was 2 years ago when I learned something new about crystal in the bladder.
Vet suggest performing surgery to remove the crystal once & for all but there’s no guarantee it won’t return. So, I seek advise & was suggested to change her diet to Coco & Joe BARF.
I change her diet to BARF & add water to her daily meal so that she will drink more water.
To my surprise, ever since I started it I’ve been picking up the crystal from her pee.
Almost everyday! Up to date, her crystal is cleared and I still maintain the same diet.
This method really works & NO SURGERY NEEDED!!!


My 10 year old Shih Tzu, Yaya, was diagnosed with alleviated kidney index last year. After feeding Yaya solely with Coco & Joe BARF for just 2 months, Yaya’s kidney index reverted to normal.

Pipermilk Ang

Miracle do happen every day, and the miracle happened on Kelly!!! When we first adopted Kelly in March 2020, she had already had stones at her kidney. The vet which examine her advised us to schedule for a surgery to remove the stones for her to get better. We hesitated & will like to try other methods to try to improve her condition. Surgery will be our last resort.

We change her diet by changing her food from kibble to Barf diet, force her to drink more water & feed her with more nutritious fruits.

3 months later (June 2020), we returned to the vet to check on her condition. The vet did an ultrasound to check her kidney. The vet confirmed that her kidney is now free from stones. THERE WERE NO MORE STONES at her kidney!!!!!

We are so happy & thankful especially to Mr. Ang, from coco & joe barf, founder of Barf Raw Food Diet as he gave me lots of valuable information and advice which help to improve Kelly’s health.


My dog, GeGe, was immobilized due to joint issues and underwent 2 major operations. She lived in pain and was on steriods for 5 long years. There was no other solutions until I came to know Coco & Joe BARF and started her on this raw diet. In less than 2 months, Gege was able to walk faster and better than ever before. She is currently off all medication and consumes 8kg of Coco & Joe BARF weekly!

Pipermilk Ang

My dog used to be very thin and very hard to gain body weight. Since switching to Coco & Joe BARF, my dog has gained good body weight. The most notable result is the tear stain problem resolved. You can see the difference in the photos!

Beiley Chong

Calum tear stain and hair condition has improved a lot after switch to Coco & Joe BARF. And now he is qualified to be a show cat in cat show competition.

Wee Chun

Yukio was on stinky dry food diet when he was a puppy. The excessive amount of colouring and flavoring in the dry food and in addition of the shedding period had Yukio almost “naked”. His tail was like a “mouse’s tail” and there was not much fur on his body. He had a very heavy body odor as well. His digestive system was not strong and he throws up easily and had frequent stomachaches.

One day, I was talking to a friend overseas who has a dog herself. I told her about my hesitation of whether to let Yukio have a raw diet as he doesn’t seem to grow as healthy as he could. Her dog is a border collie which excels in agility and on a raw diet. She told me about the benefits of dog’s raw diet and told me to give it a try and so I did. I looked up Coco and Joe BARF and I went to a pet shop and bought it.

And so Yukio started his raw food diet. Slowly, Yukio’s fur started to grow longer in quite a fast paste. His fur is darker in colour and he is a lot stronger and healthier in general. He never throws up now and his poop looks just about right like what a healthy poop should be. Yukio’s dental hygiene also improved a lot. The horrible body odor is also gone. In addition, he don’t have to digest the unwanted and unnecessary nasties in the terrible kibbles anymore.

He gets incredibly excited when he hears “mom-mom (eat)”. Now, Yukio is the noisiest, craziest dog you will see.

I would say Coco & Joe BARF has turned Yukio’s life upside down, in a good way. So, to wrap it up, I would like to thank Coco & Joe BARF for changing the lives of dogs in Malaysia and keep up the good work that is done. Here’s to more #rawpower , #rawfeddogs and #cocoandjoebarf?.

Yixine Chong

Piu Piu has grown healthier and beautiful fur and her sensitive stomach issue has also been resolved after switching to Coco & Joe BARF. Started taking Coco & Joe BARF in beginning of May. We are so glad that our food can make such a difference in 2 months time.

Thank you our customer, Katie, for sharing testimonial to us.

Katie Low

My dog no more vomit for long time and last time she always rejects to eat any food. Now she always cleans the bowl and she eats very fast and looks enjoyed having it.

When she hungry she will show that she wants to have food, this sounds normal but actually this never happened for our dog before for past 5 years.
We are very thankful to have coco and joe Bart meals, which really helps dogs to have a healthy body.

We spent a lot of money visited a lot of so called “famous” vets, but none of them could help, she even vomited blood, but no medicine could help her any, now she no longer needs any medicine, just enjoy her food everyday like others, and gain back her healthy body. Thank you

Yen Wei

Potato started showing symptoms of Cushing’s. A lump appeared at his neck. Now, Potato was not willing to eat raw food. At the very smell of it, he would run to a corner and cry. Yes, literally….CRY (with tears and whining). But after 4 days of “crying”, he suddenly decided he would eat raw food, after all! So he did. My friend was overjoyed. After 4 day of eating raw food, the lump at the neck disappeared! Unbelievable!
My friend says when she detected the lump at the neck, her heart sank. She knew the signs only too well because she had lost 3 dogs from the same family to Cushing’s, one as quickly as a mere 2 weeks after lumps appeared and started appearing all over the body. Despite immediate medical intervention, the dog passed on in just 2 weeks.
Thankfully, Potato himself decided to eat raw food, and today, there is no more lump! It’s just skin hanging down from that spot. The lump is gone.
That’s just going on raw food for four days!
And Potato is also more cheerful now. Once he started on raw food, like Wendy, there was no turning back for him. He is totally converted now.

Dr. Chan Kah Yin

Ever since our cats went on 100% raw food, I have been writing quite a bit about this. I’ve also been telling some friends how much a 100% raw diet has been really beneficial for our cats.
So, one of my friends decided to try raw food for her dogs. One of her dogs, Wendy, has been having seizures, averaging at 3 times a day. This is despite being on medication, prescribed by the vet.
I did tell her to do the transition slowly if she wanted to try, but guess what, two of her dogs (including Wendy) took to raw diet instantly! They ate Coco & Joe’s barf for dogs. It’s true – some animals just “know” that this is the right food for them. The literature says transitioning to raw food can take anything between 4 seconds to one year. So, Wendy went on 100% Coco & Joe’s barf instantly and two things happened:

(1) Wendy’s stools improved from being pasty to firm.
(2) Wendy’s seizures STOPPED!! Believe it or not, they stopped!!

And today, my friend decided to stop the seizure medication to “test”. So far, so good. No seizures…..(fingers crossed).

Dr. Chan Kah Yin

Coco & Joe BARF help Lucky Girl expedite the healing process. The wound recovered very well in 10 days.

Yi Yan

My 10yo poodle loves Coco & Joe BARF so much after we introduced to her the first time when we purchase this at the fair in Atria. We can see that her bad breath improved so much and also her fur coat was also much nicer after swapping to barf!


After switching to Coco & Joe BARF, Bubu no longer has bad breath.She is a lot less picky and gained enough weight to achieve the ideal body weight for her size.Her skin and coat has become healthier and more beautiful too.


Boy started Barf in May 2017. Earlier, he’d been on quality kibbles his entire life. Yet, his health was deteriorating & had lost weight from a robust 5 kgs to 3.6 kgs. He was on a downward trend. I could feel his bones & that was alarming.
I’d heard of Barf years earlier but didn’t start him on Barf as he was already a senior cat. With no other option, I bought one pack to see if he’d like it. Boy took to Barf immediately & followed me around for more. He was on hind legs, begging. He hasn’t behaved like this in years.
Boy quickly gained back his weight hovering at 4.5 kgs which makes me happy enough. I can give him more but according to feeding estimation on the package, the portion I’m giving him is enough.


Bean Bean, the shinese, has gained body weight after switch to Coco & Joe BARF. His owner was worried about him being underweight and had no appetite.

And his fur condition is also getting better – longer, thicker, & shinier now.


Adopted him since last year august, he is very skinny, had minor skin allergy and look weak. After feeding him his normal kibble into full Barf, he gain so much of weight and from skinny weak boy now become big fat boy. Check out his T-shirt can’t fit anymore! Is time for mama to have reason to shop again!
Highly recommend to switch your pet food from kibble / rice / any other food to barf, I use to mixed kibble and rice, due to budget concern but !!!

Don’t know when where why he is part of my family so I won’t stingy on his food anymore!
IMPORTANT : You will find the surprise once you are fully on Barf for your pet

Michelle Tan

Gunner After Coco & Joe BARF, Weight gain, skin problem resolved,
healthy stools and no more bad breath.