About Us

It all started with Strike, our founder, Mr Ang Eng Keong’s show potential Shih Tzu, 20 years ago. Unfortunately, he discovered that Strike had a chronic case of mange that couldn’t be treated with veterinary care, medications, or diets. Within a short time, Strike’s crowning glory, confidence and appetite were slipping away.


About Us

One day, he stumbled upon an article on raw feeding and decided to give it a try even though he was skeptical of its effectiveness.

With just one raw chicken wing, he made his first attempt. Strike was totally ecstatic and completed his meal without hesitation. Both owner and dog saw a glimpse of hope. The methods of raw feeding that Mr. Ang Eng Keong developed since then to aid Strike’s full and fast recovery have been meticulously studied, researched, and improved. 

It has been a joy for Mr. Ang Eng Keong to see cats and dogs benefit from his raw diet recipes over the years, and his countless excellent results led to an even bigger dream of being able to share the recipes with others.

In 2013, Coco, our rescued stray, and Joe, our grand champion American cocker spaniel, were featured as cover models for the newly launched Coco & Joe BARF. It is with much love and pride for Coco & Joe to represent all canines, whether strays or pedigrees, to equally enjoy and benefit the wholesome goodness of Coco & Joe BARF.

Today, Coco & Joe BARF has become the preferred daily diet for many furkids and is now available in more than 280 pet shops, veterinary clinics and boarding facilities in Peninsula Malaysia.

A Word From Our Founder

Hello, I am Ang Eng Keong from Georgetown, Penang, the founder of Coco & Joe BARF. I have a degree in medical technology and am one of the few Malaysians certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathology to work in hospitals in the States. 

I am also a breeder and owner of many champion dogs. In addition to being a certified judge for three FCI groups, I am continuously upgrading myself and am presently understudying to become a full-fledged judge for dog shows.

Upon returning from America, I worked for pharmaceutical companies, where I learnt the importance of eating well, living well, and resting well for a stronger immunity.

Since I love dogs and cats so much and on top of my prior experiences with them, it was easy for me to grasp their physiological and medicinal characteristics.

Having compassion for abandoned pets and participating in pet rescue efforts gave me a new perspective on life to keep trying. Little did I know that was how we started our research to embark on this journey to perfecting our own BARF diet recipes. We are committed to providing the best natural diet for dogs and cats alike and I am happy to share that we have perfected our BARF recipes.