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BARF Pet Food For
Your Loyal Companion

At Coco & Joe BARF, we believe that dogs and cats should eat the food they were meant to eat in the wild.

Hence, we offer natural, reliable, and high-quality Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diets for dogs and cats.

We eliminate all processed food from a dog’s and cat’s diet, but instead include raw meat, raw meaty bones, organs as well as vegetables and fruits to provide them with complete and balanced nutrition.

Thus, it is a holistic approach that is effective at reversing common health issues.


Quality Assurance:
ISO 22000, HACCP,
& GMP Certified

We have been making BARF diets for over 20 years. Our human-grade food production facility is certified in ISO22000 Food Safety Management, HACCP, and GMP, ensuring the highest standards.

Our recipes are formulated by a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutritionist. We use only the highest human-grade ingredients and enrich them with Superfoods, Sprouts, & Microgreens.

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Coco & Joe BARF Journey

At Coco & Joe BARF, we’re dedicated to promoting the BARF diet and ensuring a healthy path for your pets. We consistently raise our standards to deliver high-quality, safe, and premium raw food diets.


The Rawsome
Nutrients & Enzymes

When pet food is overly processed, natural nutrients and enzymes are lost.

Our fresh frozen raw diet preserves the natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients necessary for the digestive system to function optimally.

We are pleased to have received more than 1000 testimonials and positive reviews from customers as well as awards such as No.1 Healthy Pet Food KL & Selangor 2019 (Tallypress.com online voting result) and Consumer Recommended Award 2022.
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Benefits Of
Feeding Your Pet
The Barf Diet

BARF diets are better than other raw
model diets because they offer the added
benefit of containing vegetables, flaxseeds,
and fruits, so your canine gets a more
balanced and complete diet.

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